Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Economics with Second Major in Business

| Single Degree with Second Major

BSocSci (Hons) in Economics with 2nd Major in Business

Business is an area that is seeing increasing interest and demand in the fast-changing employment landscape in Singapore.

With the addition of a Business major to the well-established Bachelor of Social Science (Economics) programme, the graduates from this programme will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds in acquiring both technical Economics knowledge as well as business know-how.


BSocSci (Hons) in Economics with 2nd Major in Business is an integrated 4-year programme between the School of Social Sciences and Nanyang Business School that incorporates existing Economics courses and Business courses. Students will read courses from both schools.

For GCE 'A' level certificate holders:

  • NTU General Admission Requirements
  • A good grade in H1 Level Mathematics
  • A good grade in General Paper/Knowledge & Inquiry

International Baccalaureate Diploma

  • A good grade in Mathematics at Standard Level
  • A good grade in English at Standard Level

NUS High School Diploma

  • Major CAP of 2.0 in Mathematics
  • Good Overall CAP in English Language

International & Other Qualifications

  • A good grade in Additional Mathematics at Junior High School Level and a good grade in English at Senior High School Level

More details on admission can be found at the Office of Admissions website.

Successful Polytechnic applicants will be exempted certain courses that will be confirmed before the start of their first semester.

The Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics with a Second Major in Business is designed as a four-year course. To graduate, students are required to complete 135 academic units (AUs) from the Econ Major Requirements (ECON), Business 2nd Major Requirement  and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core (ICC) requirement.

Table A: Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum Structure (AY2021/2022 intake onwards)
A. Major RequirementsB. Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core (ICC)C. Broadening and Deepening Electives (BDE)Total (AUs)
CorePrescribed ElectivesGraduation Project* OR Prescribed ElectivesCommon CoreFoundational Core2nd Major RequirementFree BDETotal
9 courses10 courses 7 courses3 courses10 courses  

Table B: ICC

​ICC – Common C​​​​ores​​​1​​7
Inquiry and Communication in an Interdisciplinary World ​​2
Navigating the Digital World​2​
Ethics & Civics in a Multicultural World ​​2
Career and Entrepreneurial Development for the Future World​​2
Healthy Living & Well-being3
Sustainability: Social, Economy & Environment​​3
​Science & Technology for Humanity​3
​ICC – Foundational Cores​10
Effective Communication II​​2
​Digital Literacy II​3

Table C: BDEs

BDEs – 2nd Major Requirement​30

AB1201 Financial Management

AB1301 Business Law

AB1501 Marketing

AB1601 Organisational Behaviour & Design

AD1102 Financial Accounting

BE1402 Business Operations & Process

BE2602 Management in Principles, Skills & Competencies

BF2219 Investments

BM2509 Consumer Insights

AD2102 Management Accounting

Free BDEs (Students may choose from the list of courses offered by NTU)10


1. Students are to opt-in to read Graduation Project.

2. To obtain Honours (Highest Distinction & Distinction), students must complete their graduation project.

A degree in Economics at NTU provides graduates with a vast array of job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Economic majors are valued for their critical thinking and analytical skills. They also benefit from an in-depth understanding of social organisations, culture and other social phenomena.