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Minor in Psychology

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Minor in Psychology

The Minor in Psychology provides students with a broad understanding of the major principles in psychology, as well as knowledge and skills related to research methods commonly used in psychology. The Minor in Psychology can be combined with a major in a related field and will provide valuable skills for engaging with others and for understanding and analysing complex individual, group, and social processes. With the growing local and international interest in this field, a minor in Psychology provides an excellent background for students planning careers in a wide range of areas. This includes business (advertising, service sectors, human resources, management, marketing, and organisational behaviour), education, the military, the police, the media, in public affairs, the health sciences, social work, and psychology related professions.

To take psychology as a minor, students must have taken HP1000 and obtained a B- grade or better. 

To be awarded a Minor in Psychology, students must complete two Psychology core, one Psychology foundation, and two Psychology elective courses.

Important notes to all minor students

Please make sure that you complete HP1100 as soon as your schedule allows. Almost all Psychology courses require HP1100 as a pre-requisite.

Important notes to students going on exchange (both overseas and local)

  • All Minor courses must be read as GER-UEs.
  • All Psychology Core courses must be completed at NTU.
  • Students are permitted to complete up to a maximum of two courses during the exchange and count them towards fulfilling their Psychology Foundation/Elective requirement.
  • Students are not allowed to read level 4000 courses.
  • To be awarded a minor, students must not opt for the Minor courses to be graded Satisfactory (S) / Un-Satisfactory (U).

You may find out more information on Minor programmes in NTU here.

Students must complete the following two Psychology Core courses. These two courses are prerequisites for most other Psychology courses.

HP1000 Introduction to Psychology
HP1100 Fundamentals of Social Science Research

Students must complete one Psychology foundation course from the following list of courses.

HP2100 Research Design and Data Analysis in Psychology
HP2200 Biological Psychology
HP2300 Developmental Psychology
HP2400 Social Psychology
HP2500 Personality and Individual Differences
HP2600 Cognitive Psychology
HP2700 Abnormal Psychology

Psychology electives are level 3000 courses. Students must complete two Psychology elective courses.

For list of courses, please click here.