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Minor in Economics

Economics is the study of choices. It explains how individuals, businesses, governments and societies make decisions in a world where resources are li​mited. The tools used in economic analysis will equip students with problem-solving skills. A Minor in this field will help students to think logically, rationally and rigorously. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about banking, finance, globalisation, employment, economic growth, and also about broader issues such as the environment, poverty and the Third World. In general, knowledge of economics is an indispensable tool for making sense of the intricacies of the modern world. It is an extremely useful minor in any undergraduate curriculum.

The Economics Minor is an excellent complement to the curriculum of students in economics-related majors such as Business and Accountancy. It is a valuable addition to the curriculum of an Engineering major planning a career in a managerial position or intending later to do an MBA. Similarly, economics provides highly relevant background knowledge for a student of Communication Studies who is hoping to go into journalism or to work for an international organisation. Because economics is a social science subject, majors in Sociology or Psychology will also find the Economics Minor helpful.

​1​The Minor in Economics programme is open to all students except NBS students in Applied Economics and students doing Economics-related Major programmes.
​2​All 5 courses that are needed to count towards Minor fulfillment must be registered as 'Unrestricted Electives' (UEs) or 'Broadening and Deepening Electives' (BDEs).​​


​Condition​What to fulfill
​1​Attained at least 15 AUs registered under either UEs or BDEs to file for a Minor in Economics
​2​Read compulsory courses physically in NTU.

​Compulsory Core Courses​6 AUs​
​Course Code​Course Title

​​Principles of Economics (old course code HE9091)

NBS students who are exempted from AB0901/AB106 or who have taken AB0901/AB106 as a major core are required to replace the AUs with another Economics Electives. Other students who take HE5091 as a GER Elective are also required to replace the AUs with another Economics Electives.
​​3 AUs​
​​HE5092​Economic Theory (old course code HE9092)

Students are advised to take HE5092 first or co-register HE5092 with another Economics elective, but are advised not to take other Economics Electives, before reading HE5092.
​3 AUs

​Economics Electives ​​ 9 AUs

Students are to select ANY courses either from  this list (AY2020 intake and before) or this list (AY2021 intake and after) to fulfill minimum 15AUs.

Students are to check for course pre-requisites in considering their combination of Economics courses.

AY2020/21 intake and before

Students can clear a maximum of 1 Economics Elective during their exchange semester.

Students are not allowed to clear compulsory core courses for Minor fulfillment during their exchange semester.

You are not allowed to S/U the courses if you wish to fulfill the minor requirement.

AY2021/22 intake and after

Up to 6 AUs of courses can be non-letter graded (i.e. S/U grading option or Pass/Fail grading).

The 6 AUs can only consist of one compulsory course (HE5091 or HE5092) and one elective course.

To declare or file for minor