School Of Social Sciences 

Undergraduate Education

Our School’s holistic and rigorous education aims to equip our students with a strong foundation of knowledge along with analytical and critical skills to enable them for their future careers. In addition, they are able to expand their learning horizons though internship and exchange experiences in Singapore and overseas. Supporting our students in their learning journey are our distinguished faculty who hail from some of the best universities in the world. Apart from being dedicated educators, they are actively engaged in progressive research in their respective fields.

Student Life @ School of Social Sciences

SSS places utmost importance on the wellbeing of its students. In this regard, SSS has a Student Care Office which serves as a first point of contact for students facing personal or academic challenges to seek assistance, care and guidance. The challenges can range from financial hardship and issues concerning relationships, family, housing, adjustment to academic difficulties (such as loss of motivation and feeling ‘stuck’, not sure what to do or having to take leave of absence, etc.).