An interdisciplinary programme for thought leaders

The MSc in Applied Economics (MSAE) aims to provide rigorous post-graduate training in Applied Economics that would be useful in both the private and public sectors, and in all facets of economic research activities. Our curriculum is unique for its focus on producing quantitative-oriented researchers and analysts with strong theoretical insights.

Specifically, this NTU programme specialises in equipping students with the necessary skills to excel in economic policy analysis by utilising techniques such as applied econometrics, financial econometrics, cost-benefit analysis, project evaluation, and financial modelling, etc. Such skills are very useful for economic analysis of social policy, investment and portfolio management. Employment opportunities for graduates with these skills include public service, investment banks, broking houses and consultancies.




Application for Nov 24 intake is now CLOSED! Look out for our Aug 25 intake. Application opens from 15 Oct 24 to 31 Jan 25. Join the ranks of aspiring scholars and innovators just like you!

Embark on a fulfilling and exciting masters programme with us. Our programme aims to provide rigorous post-graduate training in Applied Economics that would be useful in both private and public sectors.

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