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NTU SSS Let's Belanja
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Contributions received from SSS Faculty, Staff and Alumni for the NTU SSS, Let's Belanja! have been used to bless the following beneficiaries.  

Current Beneficiaries for Meals:

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home (100 Meals delivered at 4.45pm on 3 May 2023)

Melrose Home (70 Meals delivered at 5.15pm on 3 May 2023)

Salvation Army Gracehaven (65 Meals to be delivered at 5.30pm on 6 June 2023)


Current Beneficiaries for Household Necessities:

Darul Ihsan Orphanage   22 Body Wash and 20 Shampoo (Delivered at 2pm – 4pm on 15 May 2023)



Project Shoebox 2022

The NTU School of Social Sciences has organised “Project Shoebox” in collaboration with Collins Aerospace (a world leader in aeronautical engineering) to give Christmas gifts to the children from orphanages and homes. This is the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project which NTU School of Social Sciences is collaborating with Collins Aerospace.

The Project Shoebox campaign runs from 14 November to 30 November 2022 where SSS faculty, SSS staff, CoHASS faculty, CoHASS staff, family and friends of CoHASS and Collins Aerospace staff are invited to participate in this campaign by donating giftboxes and filling them with gifts to be given to about 200 children in homes/orphanages. We have distributed the giftboxes to the children in homes/orphanages on 7, 20 and 21 December 2022.

Prof Yohanes Eko Riyanto (Chair of School of Social Sciences), Prof Jonathan Tan (Assistant Chair, Internship, Exchange, Alumni & Communications) and Belinda Lim (Manager, Continuing Education, Alumni & External Relations) of School of Social Sciences at NTU have visited all 7 homes together with 2 representatives from Collins Aerospace while delivering the giftboxes to the homes.

The homes that have benefitted from the “Project Shoebox” are The Salvation Army Gracehaven, The Salvation Army The Haven, MWS Girls' Residence, HCSA Community Services, Singapore Boys' Hostel, Willing Hearts Orphanage and Darul Ihsan Orphanage. 

To find out more about Project Shoebox, click here.
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Photos below are posted with permission from Minister Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development 
SSS Alumni and BLYN with Minister Desmond Lee
NTU with Minister Desmond Lee Minister Desmond Lee with a family of four
SSS Alumni and BLYN with Minister Desmond Lee
Boon Lay Youth Network with Minister Desmond Lee
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Featured event-Project Refurbishment 2022 notes
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Photos below are posted with permission from Minister Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development 
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