Minor Programme

NTU Chemisty

The Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry offers a Minor in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry for NTU students not already majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. The minor programme trains students for a variety of chemistry-related career opportunities, with an emphasis on the connections between the chemical sciences and related disciplines. It is especially useful for students majoring in the biological sciences, materials science, bioengineering, chemical engineering, education, mathematics, and physics.

Please note that courses used to satisfy minor requirements must be taken on a letter grade basis (i.e., the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option cannot be exercised). Students planning to minor in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry should file a minor application form before embarking on the programme of study.

Compulsory Core Courses

CM1021 - Basic Inorganic Chemistry with Laboratory Note 14 AU
CM1031 - Basic Organic Chemistry with Laboratory Note 24 AU
CM1041 - Basic Physical Chemistry with Laboratory4 AU

1 Students who have already read FE1003 or BS1002 cannot use CM1021 to fulfill the minor requirement.
2 Students who have already read BS1003 cannot use CM1031 to fulfill the minor requirement.

For students who have already read FE1003, BS1002 or BS1003, please contact SPMS Undergraduate Studies to discuss how to fulfill the minor requirements.