Hungry to Learn: How Food Can Be Used to Teach

20 Nov 2023 04.00 PM - 05.00 PM Alumni, Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Prospective Students, Public
Organised by:
Keri Matwick

We’re all familiar with food. We all have our favourite foods, and for some of us, we have foods we can’t stand. Food is the fuel our bodies need to survive but it is also so much more. All foods are grown, created, and consumed within cultural, historical, religious, or even scientific contexts and this provides the opportunity for them to be used as a tool to teach.  

In this talk, I will be providing an overview of how food can be used as a material to teach. Details on how food is used and potential benefits for improving student engagement and knowledge as well as teacher confidence across a range of subjects such as mathematics, science, religion, and history will be covered. I will also touch upon some of the issues in using food to teach before delving into how food can be used to teach us about ourselves. 


Dr. Aimee Pink  


Institute of High-Performance Computing, A*STAR, Singapore 

Hosted by: Keri Matwick and Katherine Hindley 

Material Objects Research Group 

Sponsored by NTU’s EdeX Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) Grant