The Rose among Thorns: Visible women in a male dominated work space

28 Sep 2023 04.30 PM - 07.00 PM Alumni, Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Prospective Students, Public
Organised by:
Irda Nalls

This workshop aims to highlight the contributions made by outstanding women in progressive Singaporean society. Each speaker, unique in their own ways through their contributions in their respective fields, will discuss the challenges and how these challenges were overcome as they navigate a field that is male dominated. We are talking about our military defence, fitness and health coach, politics and religious leaders. As they share their expertise and experience, we will also find out how they balance mental well-being in their private and public domains. 

As we know, our military defence is a male dominated industry. How does a woman survive the rigor of a physically challenging job scope, all in the hope of keeping Singaporeans safe? 

Covid-19 was a wake-up call for many Singaporeans with regards to health and fitness. In addition to owning her own health and fitness center, she is also a well renowned body builder. How does she overcome the challenges of a physically demanding task? 

Politics is a male dominated industry. Singapore is one of the few countries that has a female president, and this is something to celebrate. One of our speakers will share her experience in politics as she made impactful contributions to the Singaporean society. 



  • He Ting Ru (she/her) 
  • Sharvini Sevakumar aka Shar (she/her) 
  • Suharni Mohammad aka Sue Power (she/her) 

Moderator: Irda Nalls