The Language that Frees Us

28 Jan 2022 01.30 PM - 03.00 PM Alumni, Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Prospective Students, Public
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SoH Gender and Diversity Studies

Beyond the Hijab began as a small project by a group of Muslim women who noticed that the issues pertaining to women in Singapore were still dominantly expressed by the (male) minority elite. Stories that were dominantly featured were also shy to address more controversial topics that were necessary to grapple with, such as domestic abuse, religious trauma, sexism, sexual assault, mental health, and many others. Rare was the voice of the normal woman and her complex feelings and thoughts given authentic expression. Muslim women in Singapore are dominantly doubly minoritised, by virtue of their gender, as well as their race and/or religion, especially in a post 9-11 world. Aware of such a context, Beyond the Hijab has always striven to ensure that the message and learning we bring, the stories we platform, and the methods we employ are best suited in protecting the integrity of our values and the safety and needs of the women on our platform and building new possibilities for a community hungry for self-expression.

About the Speaker: Diana Rahim

Diana Rahim has been serving as an editor of Beyond the Hijab, an online platform sharing personal stories and perspectives of Singaporean Muslim women, since 2017. Beyond the Hijab aims to give Singaporean Muslim women a non-judgemental space to speak about issues that affect them in their own voice. Diana’s personal interests in her writing and work includes feminism and its interaction with class, race, and religion, as well as the politics of public space. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels and learning to paint.