Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Second Major in Entrepreneurship

Single Degree with 2nd Major

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The new Second Major in Entrepreneurship (SMiE) is introduced, in partnership with the NTU Entrepreneurship Academy and Nanyang Business School, to: 

  • Equip students with fundamental entrepreneurship competency and broaden their understanding in enterprise and innovation.
  • Inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset to deal with uncertainties in a VUCA world and be the drivers of technology innovation. 
  • Seize the opportunities from new technologies with special emphasis on technopreneurship.
  • Expand their network and be part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Provide them with hands-on experience in technopreneurship through experiential learning and a 20-week local/overseas internship with startups, venture capital firms, or other entrepreneurship-related organisations.

Candidates must meet the minimum entry requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences programme, including the minimum subject requirements. Please refer to the Office of Admissions for more information.   ​ 

The Second Major in Entrepreneurship is open to all single-major degree programmes. Students in double major programmes and second major programmes will not be allowed to take on the Second Major in Entrepreneurship. Eligible students will be offered to apply after completing one year of study, via email invitation.

This is a full time four-year Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biological Sciences with 2nd major in Entrepreneurship.

During the period of study for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with 2nd major in Entrepreneurship, a student must pursue such courses of study as may be prescribed by Regulations made by the Academic Board on the recommendation of the School of Biological Sciences.

For successful completion of the programme and be eligible for graduation, students are required to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Students admitted to the programme from AY2023 onwards should obtain a total of not less than 131 academic units within the maximum period permitted.
  1. Students are required to maintain a CGPA of at least 4.0 throughout their programme. Should a student fail to maintain the required CGPA, the school would recommend to him/her the option to drop the 2nd major and join the standard BS (Hons) programme.


  2. To qualify for the Entrepreneurship 2nd Major, students must complete a minimum of:
    • Compulsory Courses (12 AU)
    • Elective Courses (at least 13 AU)
    • either a 20-week Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) or a 20-week local Professional Internship (PI) – 10AU

      The courses of 2nd major fall under the Broadening & Deepening Education (BDE) category, EXCEPT for the 20-week OEP or 20-week local Professional Internship (PI) which will be credited to ICC-FC category.

      Programme Structure details for matriculation Year 2023 onwards

      BSSMIE Year 2023 onwards

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