Job Openings

Workday ReferenceFaculty Positions
R00009207Tenure Track Assistant / Associate Professor in Biological Data Science/Big Data in Biology
R00009208Tenure Track Assistant Professor / Associate Professor in Immunology and Pathogen-host interactions
R00009209Tenure Track Assistant Professor / Associate Professor in Proteomics/Metabolomics (Molecular Mechanisms of Disease)
Workday ReferenceResearch Fellow / Postdoctoral PositionsHiring Manager
Research Fellow (Molecular Biology)
Peter Preiser
Research Scientist (Life Sciences / Cancer Biology)
Li Hoi Yeung
Research Fellow (Molecular Biology and Biomolecular Interactions)Jaume Torres
Research Fellow (Mathematic Modeling of Macromolecular Assembly)Miao Yansong
Research Fellow (Quantum Emitter and Sensing)
Miao Yansong
Research Fellow (Protein-DNA Prediction)Li Yinghui
Research Fellow (Molecular Biology)Valerie Lin
Research Fellow (Chemistry/ Biochemical)James Tam
Research Fellow (Molecular Biology)Valerie Lin
Research Fellow (Neuroscience)Ayumu Tashiro
Research Fellow (Chemistry/Biochemical)James Tam
Research Fellow (Biochemical)James Tam
R00003580Research Fellow (Computational Biology/Bioinformatics/Machine Learning)Li Yinghui
Workday ReferenceResearch Associate Positions
R00009489Research Associate (Biological Sciences/Neuroscience)
Workday ReferenceProject Officer / Research Assistant PositionsHiring Manager
R00010671Project Officer (Molecular & Cell Biology, Genomics)
Li Yinghui
R00010170Project Officer (Molecular and Cell Biology)Li Hoi Yeung
R00010031Project Officer (Molecular Biology)Valerie Lin
R00009488Project Officer (Neuroscience)Ayumu Tashiro
R00009270Research Assistant (Microbial Natural Product Biosynthesis)Liang Zhao-Xun
R00007269Project Officer (Neuroscience)Ayumu Tashiro
R00004787Research Assistant (Biochemical)James Tam
Workday ReferenceOther PositionsHiring Manager
R00007899Assistant Manager, Masters ProgrammeChong Chye Hong
R00009981Executive, Teaching LabLew Yi Liang
Updated 8 July 2022