Job Openings

Workday ReferenceFaculty Positions
R00012050Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Cell Biology and Protein Trafficking
R00010870Associate Professor / Full Professor in Medical Biofilms & Public Health
R00010795Associate Professor / Full Professor in Microbial Biofilm Biology
Workday ReferenceResearch Fellow / Postdoctoral PositionsHiring Manager
R00013358Research Fellow (Biology / Biochemistry)Guillaume Thibault
R00013058Research Fellow (Biochemistry)Miao Yansong
R00013049Research Fellow (Biochemistry)Miao Yansong
R00013047Research Fellow (Biochemistry)Miao Yansong
R00012980Senior Research Fellow (Protein Structure & Function)Gao Yonggui
R00012921Research Fellow (Biochemistry)Miao Yansong
R00010338Research Fellow (Mathematic Modeling of Macromolecular Assembly)Miao Yansong
R00010029Research Fellow (Quantum Emitter and Sensing)Miao Yansong
Workday ReferenceResearch Associate PositionsHiring Manager
Workday ReferenceProject Officer / Research Assistant PositionsHiring Manager
R00012422Project Officer (Microbiology, Molecular Biology)Gerhard Gruber
R00011890Project Officer (Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry)Lu Lei
R00009270Research Assistant (Microbial Natural Product Biosynthesis)Liang Zhao-Xun
Workday ReferenceOther PositionsHiring Manager
R00012843Senior Executive, Admin SupportLars Nordenskiold
R00011647Assistant Manager, Communications & AlumniLim Fui Nee
R00010936Executive (Teaching Lab)Lew Yi Liang
Updated 17 April 2023