Job Openings

Workday ReferenceFaculty Positions
R00016184Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in Fungal or Plant Biology
R00016178Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in Drug Discovery or Pharmacology
R00016176Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in Tomography

SBS is actively seeking talented and outstanding early career researchers in all areas of Biological Sciences to apply for Nanyang Assistant Professor.


Workday ReferencePositionHiring Manager
R00016963Research Fellow / Research Associate (Microbiome Medicine)Linda Zhong
R00016666Research Fellow / Project Officer (Cellular and Molecular Biology)Claudio Bussi
R00016409Research Fellow (Mathematic Modeling of Macromolecular Assembly / Biochemistry)Miao Yansong
Currently, there are no openings available.
Workday ReferencePositionHiring Manager
R00017267Project Officer (Molecular Biology and RNA Research)Xavier Roca
R00016862Project Officer (Structural Biology)Aghil Soman
Workday ReferenceOther PositionHiring Manager
R00017053Assistant Director, Senior PhysicianLinda Zhong
R00016177Manager, Business Operations ManagementKanaga Sabapathy
R00015997Assistant Manager, PostgraduateMay Chong
R00014560Consultant Physician, TCMLinda Zhong

Updated on 23 May 2024