Job Openings

Workday ReferenceFaculty Positions
R00012050Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Cell Biology and Protein Trafficking
R00010870Associate Professor / Full Professor in Medical Biofilms & Public Health
R00010795Associate Professor / Full Professor in Microbial Biofilm Biology
Workday ReferenceResearch Fellow / Postdoctoral PositionsHiring Manager
R00014537Research Fellow (Infectious Diseases)Peter Preiser
R00014509Research Fellow (Molecular Biology and RNA Research)Xavier Roca
R00014366Research Fellow (Protein Science and Biologic Drug Development)Liu Chuan Fa
R00013628Research Fellow (Biophysics)Miao Yansong
R00013058Research Fellow (Biochemistry)Miao Yansong
R00013049Research Fellow (Biochemistry)Miao Yansong
R00012921Research Fellow (Biochemistry)Miao Yansong
R00010338Research Fellow (Mathematic Modeling of Macromolecular Assembly)Miao Yansong
R00010029Research Fellow (Quantum Emitter and Sensing)Miao Yansong

There’s currently no openings at the moment.

Workday ReferenceProject Officer / Research Assistant PositionsHiring Manager
R00014506Project Officer (Molecular Biology and RNA Research)Xavier Roca
R00012422Project Officer (Microbiology, Molecular Biology)Gerhard Gruber
R00011890Project Officer (Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry)Lu Lei
R00009270Research Assistant (Microbial Natural Product Biosynthesis)Liang Zhao-Xun
Workday ReferenceOther PositionsHiring Manager
R00014834Physician, NTU Chinese MedicineTjioe Yan Yin
R00014560Consultant Physician, TCMLinda Zhong
R00014270Manager, Business Operations ManagementKanaga Sabapathy
Updated 21 September 2023