Exchange Programmes

Overseas Exchange Programmes allow students to read courses and/or to work overseas. Earned academic units will be counted towards graduation requirements. The benefits of such programmes include the nourishment of the learning experience of students through the following ways: 
  • experience an international education
  • develop global perspectives
  • cultural immersion
  • facilitates learning of foreign languages
  • networking opportunities  
Semester / Special Term​Outbound Programme​Minimum CGPA​Year Of Study​Other Criteria​​​Course Matching Policy​​
Semester ​​Exchange (Non-fee-paying)GEM Explorer3.3  Study load matching for a maximum of 15 NTU AUs which includes 4 major PEs * + 1 other course types (e.g. UE, GER-CORE, STS, BM, etc)​
GEM Discoverer (Work & Study)#At least year 3To pass all required interviews by School and/or Company.

Proficient in Chinese language for work and study in China.
Match to Professional Industrial Internship 
Overseas Attachment Programme# To meet all pre-requisites for attachment.​Course to course matching
SUSEP3.5 N.A.Course to course matching​

Overseas Attachment Programme# N.A.Course to course matching​
GEM Discoverer# N.A.Course to course matching​

Students are not recommended to go for exchange in semester before their internship
For the school’s course matching policy, please ref​er to  HERE​

You are welcome to contact us for clarification: 

Exchange Matters

Dr Peter Chueng

Mr Eugene Lee

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