Career Prospects and Development

As a Life Sciences graduate from the School of Biological Sciences, you will have a good set of career options ah​ead of you. 

For those seeking out a career as a medical doctor, veterinarian or research scientist, among others are popular routes of our graduates. 

In the public sector, life science graduates are well sought after in hospitals, research institutes, government agencies and forensic departments. 

Commercial sectors that actively seek out graduates from the life sciences include the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, water and agriculture industries for roles such as process engineers, biotechnologist, QA specialist and clinical researcher. 

There is also demand for life science graduates to contribute to the public understanding of science as journalist, scientific writers and information/liaison officers. 

Financial and legal sectors also require analysts with life science knowledge for risk assessments, patents for molecular biology and biotechnology used for drug and medical applications. 

A postgraduate qualification with NIE for entry into the teaching profession is also an option. 

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, the broad range of electives to choose from will endow our graduates with the necessary skills and tools to start their own business. 

The opportunities for undergraduates in general, include careers outside of biology where transferable skills taught in the degree programme will be of benefit in management, financial sector and human resources. 

You can find our graduates in the following sectors: 

Tan Tock Seng Hospital, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Jurong Health, Singapore General Hospital, Eu Yang Sang, Kin Tech Tong Clinic
E.g. Clinical researcher, Management Associate, Hospital Executive, Healthcare Operations Executive, Pharmaceutical Sales, Physician, Acupuncturist, etc 

Lonza Biologics, Johnson & Johnson, Norvatis Bio Pharma Operations, GSK, Amgen 
E.g. Process Engineer, Manufacturing Biotechnologist, QA Specialist, Clinical Researcher, R&D Officer, Validation Engineer, etc 

Ministry of Health, A*STAR, National Environmental Agency, Genome Institute of Singapore, Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology, Ministry of Education, Singapore Police Force, National Environment Agency, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, SingHealth 
E.g. Research Officer, Health Policy Analyst, Forensic Specialist, Project Officer, Laboratory Manager, Gynaecologist, etc 

Citibank, Bank of America Merill Lynch, Deloitte & Touche
E.g. Risk Consultant, Relationship Manager, Management Associate, Patent Officer, etc 

Bio3D Technologies, TCM Trend
E.g. Owner of Bio 3D Printing Company, Owner & Physician of TCM Clinic. 

Cambridge University, DUKE NUS, NTU, Ross University 
E.g. Medical Student, Veterinary Science Student, M.Sc & Ph.D Student. 

E.g. Scientific Writer, Communication Account Executive, Scientific Journalist, Marketing Associate, Events, Service Executive, etc

Please contact our school's coordinator, Dr Hong Yan, for any enquiries and appointment at: [email protected]