Sustainability and Biology

With man-made changes negatively affecting the earth and all its systems, sustainability plays an important part in maintaining an ecological balance and building a sustainable world for future generations. At the School of Biological Sciences, we educate about the different ways a sustainable future can be achieved with Biology. 

Courses that relate to sustainability:

  1. BS3018 Plant Biology: covers plant diversity, evolution and preservation; bioenergy and plant-derived sustainable materials, also plants as sources of medicine. 
  2. BS4015 Plant Biotechnology: on function characterization of plant genes,  traditional breeding of and engineering new plants to ensure sustainable supply of food, fiber, energy and medicine and preservation of biodiversity. 
  3. BS0005 One Health: on multi-disciplinary sustainable approaches in tackling public health-related challenges, now and future. 
  4. BS3351 Plant taxonomy and molecular phylogenetics: hands-on training on plant taxonomy and molecular phylogenetics, aiming at contributing to food security and exploring our rich diversity for a sustainable future.