Work Study Degree

The NTU Work Study Degree (WSDeg) is a pathway offered to NTU students which awards students with credits for all internship work terms undertaken. 

It consists of 4 Work Terms:

  • 1 Professional Attachment (PA) - 10 weeks
  • 2 PA - 11 weeks
  • 1 Winter PA (5 weeks)
  • 1 Professional Internship (PI) - 20 weeks

and a WSDeg Final Year Project (FYP). 


  1. Be awarded credits for all internship work terms undertaken
  2. Gain industry experience whilst completing your degree
  3. Possibility of an industry sponsored FYP

Key Aims

  1. Apply knowledge and skills learnt in the university in an authentic work environment
  2. Develop practical industry experiences and skills
  3. Enhance your employability and lifelong learning capabilities

Eligible Undergraduate Courses

B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences only. Students who have completed Year 1 will be invited to take on this programme. 

Note: Students undertaking any second majors, double majors or double degrees are not eligible to apply for the WSDeg.

Course Code & Title Work Term Course
Period Course AU Type Proposed
Grading Notation
Professional Attachment I
Work Term 1
10 weeks Y2 Special Term I & II
BDE/UE 5 AUs Pass/Fail
Professional Internship
Work Term 2 20 weeks Y3 Semester 1
Y3 Semester 2
ICC Foundational Core/ Core 10 AUs Pass/Fail
Professional Attachment II
Work Term 3 11 weeks
Y3 Special Term I & II
BDE/UE 5 AUs Pass/Fail
Professional Attachment III
Work Term 4 5
Y4 Sem 1 (Winter) BDE/UE 3 AUs Pass/Fail
Work Study Degree Final Year Project (WSDeg FYP)
2 semesters 17 (x2) weeks Y4 Sem 1 & Sem 2
Major PE 12AUs Letter graded
  TOTAL 35 AUs



For Students 

For more programme information or enquiries, please write-in to SBS Undergraduate Studies [email protected]

For Companies

Ms Sabrina Chew
Assistant Director
Career & Attachment Office
Email: [email protected]
DID: 6904 7288

Information is accurate at the time of publication. The University reserves the right to update any of the programme options and curricula without prior notice and obligation.