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Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

This 4 year degree offers broad-based training in biological sciences and prepares graduates for challenging careers in Life Sciences research and industry. It provides a strong foundation in biological sciences that can include technology and business elements.

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Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (Accelerated Bachelor Programme)

The Accelerated Bachelor Programme is designed to provide academically proficient students with an opportunity to complete their programme requirements within 3.5 years (i.e. 1 semester earlier than the normal candidature). This programme is offered to students strictly by invitation.

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Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (New)

This four-year degree programme focuses on Chinese medicine as well as basic western medicine knowledge with the intention to produce Singapore-trained Chinese medicine professionals with in-depth knowledge of regional/local diseases.

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Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with 2nd major in Biomedical Structural Biology

Structural biology has gained importance in the biomedical field, with an increasing impact on healthcare and medicine. Areas of study include structure-based discovery, structure-based vaccine design, structure-based design and biomedics, structure-based design of novel biomaterials and structure-based design of protein engineering.

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BS 2nd major in medicinal chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with 2nd major in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology

The programme aims to provide a unique opportunity for students to be cross-trained in chemistry and biology with an emphasis on mechanism and synthesis

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BS 2nd major in food science

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Second Major in Food Science and Technology

This is a prestigious new programme combining the Biological Sciences (Honours) programme with the highly popular Food Sciences and Technology as a 2nd Major, in partnership with the University of Wageningen and School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences in NTU.

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Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Second Major in Data Analytics

With large quantity of data available at our fingertips, there are opportunities to gain actionable insights by leveraging on these data, especially in the biological sciences industry. However, there is a shortage of qualified data analysts and data scientists in the market today.

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Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Second Major in in Sustainability

This new second major incorporates relevant courses across all four colleges (CoS, CoE, CoHaSS and NBS) to provide students with the foundation and practical tools for understanding the concepts of sustainability and applying them to real world scenarios.

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Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Second Major in in Entrepreneurship

The new Second Major in Entrepreneurship (SMiE) is introduced, in partnership with the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre and Nanyang Business School.

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BS with psychology double major

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Psychology

In collaboration with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, this highly inter-disciplinary degree offers students the opportunity to specialize in two major academic disciplines from the two Schools.

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BioBusiness double major

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and BioBusiness

In collaboration with the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Nanyang Business School, students will be provided a unique opportunity to be cross-trained in biomedical sciences/biotechnology and business management with relevance to the biomedical and healthcare sector in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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Double Degree Programme in Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and Bachelor of Chinese Medicine

This innovative “East Meets West” bilingual programme trains students in biomedical sciences research and the principles and practice of Chinese Medicine. This unique five-year double degree programme is an amalgamation of the western approach to Biomedical Sciences with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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Minor in Life Sciences

The Minor in Life Sciences is offered to all NTU students except students who are registered in the School of Biological Sciences degree programs. The purpose of this program is to prepare non​-Biology major students for a variety of career opportunities in, and related to, the Life Sciences industry. The program is extremely useful for students majoring in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Material Science, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Sports Science and Business who are interested in complementing their major study with knowledge of today’s Life Sciences.

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Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology with a Second Major in Biological Sciences

The Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology curriculum is designed as a 4-year programme. Over the four years, students complete core and elective psychology and biological science courses in conjunction with a series of broadening courses in other academic disciplines. Psychology is the study of behaviour and cognition, and is both a social science and life science.

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Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Engineering with a Second Major in Medical Biology

Designed for students with special interest in biomaterials and biomedical devices, the Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering) with a Second Major in Medical Biology programme will provide candidates with the fundamentals of medical biology, with special emphasis on the principles of biological science. Graduates from this programme can look forward to engaging in research and development work in this dynamic and rapidly-evolving field.

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