NTU-DUKE-NUS Medicine Pathway


The NTU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway provides motivated individuals the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial aspirations in the medical field through a myriad of engagement activities.

Through the stimulating and challenging curriculum devised by the School of Biological Sciences, graduates will be well-trained to meet the demands of the biomedical and healthcare industries, ensuring that they maintain relevance in the industry.

Successful students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biological Sciences and Psychology / Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biomedical Sciences and BioBusiness at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), followed by a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at the Duke-NUS Medical School.



This pathway is open only to NTU School of Biological Sciences students admitted to the Double Major Programme in Biomedical Sciences and BioBusiness (BSB) or Double Major Programme in Biological Sciences and Psychology (BSPY)

As part of the core requirement, students from both double major programmes will be required to complete a Final Year Project related to their key discipline: Neuroscience & Psychology (for BSPY) and Business of Biomedical sector (for BSB). The former is often done in partnership with (but not limited to) the Institute of Mental Health and the latter with organisations in the Biomedical Sector.

Students can also expect to stay engaged with Duke-NUS through periodic meetings with Duke-NUS faculty on campus and invitations to activities designed to provide insights into the medical school experience and a career in medicine. A general overview of the coursework requirements, mentorship and enrichment activities is listed below.


Coursework Requirements​

  • Final Year Project related to Neuroscience & Psychology (for BSPY) or Business of Biomedical sector (for BSB)
  • Duke-NUS Pre-medical Module (GMS1000)


Mentorship and Enrichm​ent Activities

  • Advising Sessions with Duke-NUS Medical School Faculty
  • Duke-NUS Prehealth Experiential Programme
  • Duke-NUS Medical Specialties Workshops
  • Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership
  • Community Projects


Admission to the NTU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway is competitive and only Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) may apply. The following will be considered in the selection process:

  • Academic excellence and motivation to study in the indicated fields
  • Records of experiences and activities
  • Performance at interviews

Note: The admission process for the undergraduate programmes offered by NTU and the NTU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway are independent of each other. NTU SBS will be responsible for the selection process of their undergraduate students and also for the entire period that the students are in their course of study at NTU SBS. Duke-NUS will be responsible for the selection process of the conditional admissions and will continue to have engagement with the students prior to their graduation from NTU SBS, and also for the final admissions into the MD programme.



  1. Applicants must first apply to either the Double Major in Biological Sciences and Psychology programme (BSPY) or Double Major in Biomedical Sciences and BioBusiness (BSB) under the NTU School of Biological Sciences.
  2. BSB and BSPY students will be invited to apply for the Duke-NUS pathway before the commencing of their first semester in NTU.
  3. Completed applications will be reviewed and selected applicants will be invited for interviews.
  4. Finally, the Admissions Committee will review all interviewees and make a final decision. Successful applicants will receive a conditional admissions offer for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme at Duke-NUS.

NTU Duke NUS Medicine Pathway

Students offered the NTU-Duke-NUS Pathway conditional admission are still required to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

Decision for the final admission will be based on the following criteria:

  • Cumulative Average Point (CAP) – as an indication of academic performance.
  • Complete the MCAT exam by September of the year prior to entry.
  • Complete meaningful clinical/medical and service experiences throughout their undergraduate years at NTU.
  • Expected to conduct themselves professionally. If concerns should arise at any time regarding a student’s academic performance or personal/professional development, the student may be reviewed by the Duke-NUS Admissions Committee resulting in action up to and including withdrawal from the offer of conditional admissions.
  • Submit the final Duke-NUS MD application and transcript to the Duke-NUS Admissions Department by the specified deadlines