Student Life

Founded in 2002, the Biological Sciences Club is run by a group of enthusiastic students with the aim to be the avenue bridging between the School and the student body. The Biological Sciences (BS) Club hosts annual events such as Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway, Freshmen Orientation Camp and also College of Science Day that students can participate in, forming lasting friendships during their undergraduate years.

There are two divisions under the management of the Biological Sciences Club: the Freshmen Orientation Programme Committee which is responsible for the Freshmen Orientation Camp, as well as the Youth Expedition Project Committee.

The Biological Sciences Club has collaborations with the Biological Sciences Alumni Association (since Class of 2006), which allows the club to tap onto the alumni for their mentorship programmes.

The Club aims to work with the school management and resolve any academic and welfare matters brought up by the student body. SBS students are welcome to bring up ideas, suggestions and provide feedback to the Club.
Below are the visions and missions of the Biological Sciences Club.
  • To support the academic pursuits of students and in matters regarding Biological Sciences.
  • To enhance student experiences in the school and foster closer bonds among students through Club activities.
  • To uphold and respect the dignity and equality of every student without regard to gender, race, religion, politics or nationality.
  • To provide a recognised means of communication between the student body and the university, or any external body.

They have also spearheaded their very own Clade system. Like a house system, the Clade system is the club’s very own internal system consisting of 4 Clades (Andromeda, Cygnus, Hydra & Orion) that aims to create an inclusive community in SBS by having an extra avenue for students to interact with one another. Established in AY2021/2022, each student matriculating into SBS will be assigned to a Clade. The Clades have their own clade room and will be attached to faculty known as Clade Parents to further strengthen the engagement between student and faculty. Through this system, students will be able to build a sense of community with their direct peers, seniors and also juniors for academic and emotional support.