NTU School of Biological Sciences is the only local university that offers bio-related internship for the Biological Sciences programme. For students joining the School from AY2018 onwards, it is mandatory of them to take on an internship in their 3rd year of study. It offers them real world insights and exposure to the actual working life where they can hone their career-enhancing skills. Having an internship at a specific organization also offers students the opportunities to take up available positions directly after graduation. Some of our graduates have secured permanent job placement in the company they interned at, even before graduation.

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Industrial Advisory Panel

In order to apply outcome based learning and teaching into the Biological Sciences programme, the school has setup an Industrial Advisory Panel made up of selected representatives in the private and public sectors that employ our students. By following the recommendations from these panel members, SBS is able to stay on track with future industry developments and adapt our courses to provide better training to the students for greater employability. This close networking ensures expert advices on strategic initiatives that are in the pipeline particularly in Singapore and Asia. The school at the same time let these industry players know the unique quality and skills sets of our graduates have to offer. This synergy between the school and industry sector is beneficial for both sides.​


Career Preparation

The School of Biological Sciences, together with the Career & Attachment Office​​​ gear students up towards professional career development by organizing workshops coached by professional consultants in the areas such as Personal Grooming, Interview Skills, Resume Writing, Networking Skills, Personal Branding, Dining Etiquette.