Published on 03 Sep 2021

Developing machine learning systems to analyse the human brain

Prof Liu Yang of NTU’s School of Computer Science and Engineering is developing artificial intelligence systems modelled on the human brain for the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases.

Big data and artificial intelligence

Modelled after the human brain but significantly less efficient, artificial deep neural networks are composed of networks that look similar to neurons. In a project titled “Towards building trustworthy and robust intelligent systems and their application on the human brain”, Prof Liu Yang of NTU’s School of Computer Science and Engineering is developing abstraction and verification techniques in machine learning systems that enable the systems to analyse and model the workings of the human brain.

By modelling artificial intelligence systems on the brain, researchers can perform more advanced analysis

of the human brain itself for various applications such as the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases.

The article appeared first in NTU’s research & innovation magazine Pushing Frontiers (issue #19, August 2021).