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Bachelor of Arts in Music and Education

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The Music major develops professional competencies in Music through instrumental and vocal lessons, ensembles, and seminars. Led by some of the finest musicians, scholars, and music educators in the field, it is distinctive in its coverage of the diverse musical traditions of Western Art, Pop & Jazz, Chinese, Malay, and Indian music with emphasis on both performance and scholarly skills. The programme culminates in with a capstone music project where you choose from a diverse array of options, including Performance Studies, Music Theory and Musicology, Music Education, and Improvisation.

Academic Discipline Minimum Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Music and Education 

Important Note
Meeting the minimum requirement for a specific academic subject does not guarantee the allocation of the academic subject.

Allocation of academic subject is dependent on ranking based on student teachers’ qualifications and results (at the discretion of the academic group) as well as the availability of vacancies.

All interested applicants, except diploma holders from NAFA or LaSalle, will attend an interview and audition comprising:

-                A solo performance (with accompanist/s where applicable) on an instrument (or voice) of one or two prepared pieces amounting to 3-5 minutes from any genre/style.

-                Musicianship tests which may include

(i)           Aural skills (e.g., singing back a melody that was played)

(ii)         Accompanying/improvising using pitched/unpitched instrument from any musical tradition)

(iii)        Music theory pegged at approximately Grades 5/6 of examination boards (e.g., ABRSM, Trinity)

Applicants are welcome to submit a music portfolio documenting their music/music education/relevant music-industrial experiences. These may include but are not limited to

-                Evidence of active practical experience in music making (e.g., Western, Indian, Chinese, and Malay Music, Pop/Jazz, Concert Band, Choir)

-                Presentation/s of compositions/arrangements/remixes if this is an area of interest and strength of the applicant (all forms of notation and audio-visual files are acceptable)

-                Music certificates

Note: Candidates who do not have documentary evidence of their relevant musical experiences can speak about them during the audition/interview and may be requested to articulate their knowledge or demonstrate the appropriate skills.

Suitability Tests
Applicants may, at the discretion of the Singapore Ministry of Education and the University, be required to undergo such tests as may be set to assess their suitability for University study and teacher-training and to appear for interviews.

Please refer here for more information.

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