Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Education

Double major

Programme Type


The Geography major provides a well-rounded education in Geography as an academic discipline by focusing on the three key strands of Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Geographical Techniques. By the end of the programme, you will be well equipped with content knowledge in both Human and Physical Geography as well as be able to handle technical aspects of Geography through data analytics, Geographic Information System and remote sensing. You will also be trained in field methods. Furthermore, our Academic Group’s flagship Sustainability Learning Lab provides a nurturing platform for student teachers and staff to connect over their respective interests in topics related to sustainability and sustainable development.

Academic Discipline Minimum Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Education

Important Note
Meeting the minimum requirement for a specific academic subject does not guarantee the allocation of the academic subject.

Allocation of academic subject is dependent on ranking based on student teachers’ qualifications and results (at the discretion of the academic group) as well as the availability of vacancies.

No pre-requisites

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