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Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Linguistics and Education

Double major

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Language captures the very heart of human experience. We use it to make sense of the world, to record and remember significant events, to enact social transactions, to communicate our thoughts and feelings, and to teach others. Among the world’s many languages, English has become a particularly important one that is used daily in a multitude of situations, modalities, settings and for a variety of purposes across the globe.

In choosing “English Language & Linguistics” as your first major, you will embark on an exciting and rigorous programme of study that is designed to provide comprehensive intellectual preparation in the study of your major. Undergraduates who read “English Language & Linguistics” will acquire the skills to understand and analyse language as a formal system, as a cognitive faculty, as well as an important tool in how people organize themselves socially. With a firm grasp of relevant theories, you will be equipped to articulate, represent, and apply this analytic understanding in ways that are appropriate for the different professional contexts you will encounter after graduation.

Academic Discipline Minimum Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Education

Important Note
Meeting the minimum requirement for a specific academic subject does not guarantee the allocation of the academic subject.

Allocation of academic subject is dependent on ranking based on student teachers’ qualifications and results (at the discretion of the academic group) as well as the availability of vacancies.

A pass at GCE 'A' Level in Art
A pass in H2 level in Art
A pass at Higher level in Art (IB Diploma)
At least a major CAP of 2.0 for NUS High School Diploma in Fine Art
Art-Related Diploma from recognised colleges and polytechnics
Candidates with ‘A’ Level or H2 level or Higher level (IB Diploma) from any discipline with strong art portfolios will be considered.
Art Focused interview is compulsory for all applicants.

Suitability Tests
Applicants may, at the discretion of the Singapore Ministry of Education and the University, be required to undergo such tests as may be set to assess their suitability for University study and teacher-training and to appear for interviews.

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