IPD0174 - Principal Matters Plus


Principal Matters Plus is an executive professional development programme supported by Lien Foundation for early childhood (EC) leaders who lead a cluster of centres. The programme aims to strengthen participants’ leadership capacity by presenting them with opportunities:

  • To experience and deepen the skill of self-reflection and mindfulness, as well as openness to risk, discovery and uncertainty,
  • To acquire knowledge, skills and tools in leadership that can enable them to navigate the tensions associated with early childhood education (ECE) as simultaneously
  1. a community where learning happens,
  2. an educational institution that is accountable to regulations and structures, and
  3. a business entity that needs to be financially viable.
  • PM+ is a PD programme catering to senior-level leaders in the EC sector. It aims to foster a community of practice or a learning community among its participants who will spend 5 months together in this programme.
  • PM+ builds and extends on the successful Principal Matters programme by providing participants with opportunities to develop your critical core skills (CCS) and technical skills and competencies (TCS) as EC leaders. Specifically, PM+ intentionally aims to strengthen CCS, while including TCS relevant to your roles.
  • PM+ has strong theoretical and conceptual underpinnings in its design in the sense that it positions the programme as mindful adventures. This positioning couples the two underpinning themes of mindfulness and adventures so that both permeate the entire programme in its design, development and enactment. The theme of mindfulness focuses on who we are as human beings and as EC educators/leaders. The theme of adventures focuses on being open to risk-taking, discovery and uncertainty which are key dispositions for innovation.
  • PM+ recognises ECE as a complex phenomenon that requires ongoing negotiations of tensions arising from being (1) a community where learning happens, (2) an educational institution that operates within the Singapore context and its structures, and (3) a business that needs to be financially viable. The programme is designed to support leaders in developing skills, knowledge and dispositions that will enable them to negotiate the ongoing tensions through the learning experiences in the four strands of leadership, community, educational institution, and business. At the same time, PM+ provides both structure and flexibility to enable participants to create their own meanings from their shared PM+ experiences and make sense of these experiences in the context of various leadership roles and levels among the different participants profiles.

The leadership adventure programme consists of two inter-weaving adventures, i.e., an individual development adventure and a team project adventure. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in seven types of adventure (learning) experiences including workshops, talks and interactions with local leaders, mentoring experiences and an overseas experience.

The two inter-weaving adventures and seven adventure experiences are designed to enable participants to experience the two themes:

  1. self-reflection and mindfulness, and
  2. openness to risk, discovery and uncertainty.
  • You are an early childhood leader with 2 years of experience at cluster level and above
  • You are managing sizable operations in an anchor operator, a partner operator or a private sector organisation;
  • You have relevant early childhood education qualifications as well as relevant leadership qualification;
  • Priority will be given to those who did not attend the previous Principal Matters Programme;
  • As there is a 5-month commitment to the programme, applicants should not be undertaking any other courses during that period.

You will need the support of your employer as part of the application process. We strongly recommend applicants to attend an online briefing session. Please email the administrator (below) for details.

There will be an interview for shortlisted applicants. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications via e-mail.

Period:18 July to 31 October 2023
Venue:National Institute of Education

*Note: NIE reserves the right to change or cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances

Selected participants for the programme will be sponsored by Lien Foundation.

28 February 2023

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications via e-mail.

To apply for the programme, please click here.

Email the application form and supporting documents from your school leaders/employers to Ms Teo Li Chien at [email protected].

To find out more regarding the programme, please click here.

For course administrative matters, please contact Ms Teo Li Chien at [email protected].

For other matters, please contact [email protected] with Principal Matters Plus in the subject title.