Professional Development Programmes & Courses

Welcome to Professional Development (PD) programmes and courses at NIE. In alignment with the mission of NIE to excel in Teacher Education, the range of professional development programmes and courses offered by GPL to meet the needs of our various stakeholders, is instrumental to the fulfilment of this mission. One main feature of our programmes is the consideration of teachers’ needs on an enhanced pathway of professional development. We believe that our key business of providing professional development for teachers is instrumental to this end.

Our programmes are tailored to the learning needs of school teachers as well as educators and professionals working in various educational settings. In particular, the six focus areas in our programmes and courses are to:

  • upgrade content knowledge of teachers,
  • update teachers with pedagogical innovations in subject teaching,
  • equip teachers with new competencies in response to changing societal needs and demands,
  • keep teachers abreast of new developments and initiatives in education,
  • educate teachers with research and management skills, and
  • enhance their teaching effectiveness through life-long learning.

These areas of foci will enable our teachers to advance and master the set of Teacher Competencies they have attained since they have graduated from their initial teacher preparation programmes, as well as meet their training needs as mapped out in the Ministry of Education Teachers’ Growth Model (TGM). We continue to provide quality teaching and learning to enable our teachers in their learning journeys. Please explore our website to learn more about the programmes we offer. Contact us if you have any questions about them. We look forward to hearing from you.