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There are a variety of Diploma programmes offered by NIE that will prepare candidates to start their careers in primary or secondary schools.

For those who are interested in teaching, do take note of the following.

Diploma Education Programmes

General Track
The General track* prepares student teachers to become generalist primary school teachers.

Specialisation track
Specialisation track prepares student teachers to become specialists before being posted as primary or secondary school teachers.

NIE diplomas are the first qualifications towards a meaningful career. They allow holders to pursue further academic studies to grow professionally.

For information on the NIE programme that MOE offers to its sponsored candidates, please refer to the MOE website.



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Assistant Dean, Diploma

Png Lay Hoon, Jessie

Dr Png Lay Hoon, Jessie

National Institute of Education

Dr. Jessie Png is a Senior Lecturer with the English Language and Literature Academic Group, and Assistant Dean, Diploma at the Office of Teacher Education. She teaches methodology courses to student teachers/in-service teachers in the primary ...

Assistant Dean, Diploma, Office of Teacher Education Senior Lecturer, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature Assistant Dean, Diploma, National Institute of Education

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