Published on 03 Jun 2024

MOE School Staff Developer (SSD) Networking and Engagement Session 2024

Dr Teo Chew Lee, Deputy Centre Director at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy & Practice and Senior Education Research Scientist at the Office of Education Research (OER) and other OER colleagues were invited to the School Staff Developer (SSD) Networking and Engagement session on 8 May 2024. The theme of the session was on the development of 21st Century Competencies (21CC). Dr Teo shared principles and ideas from her research findings on Knowledge Building to highlight how teachers can make use of idea-creation to enhance students' 21CC. Dr Teo was also one of the invited panelists in the Q&A section, and shared the resources that OER has produced for teachers' use, as well as partnership opportunities through the School Partnerships Unit. OER's Research-Practice-Policy Group (RPPG) colleagues also displayed some of our teacher-friendly publications through a booth on-site. This is the first time OER is invited to the SSD Networking session and it is made possible by OER's RPPG and SPU's initiative for more collaborations with Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) for knowledge exchange and to explore opportunities on how NIE research can be further mobilised to impact teaching practice.