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The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programmes aim to prepare university graduates to become primary, secondary school and junior college teachers. Student teachers in the PGDE (Primary) and PGDE (Secondary) tracks will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach two school subjects (or one in the case of single-subject specialists). Those in the PGDE (Junior College) track will be equipped to teach one subject at the JC level and one at the Secondary level; except for Economics and General Paper, the junior college teaching subject and its paired secondary level teaching subject are related.


Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programmes

Our Approach

NIE's programmes provide student teachers with a strong educational foundation, pedagogies for effective teaching and specialized subject knowledge in at least one academic discipline. Our initial teacher preparation programmes offer three teaching tracks for teaching at either the primary, secondary or junior college levels. 

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General Entry Requirements

Find out more about minimum requirements for admission into NIE. In addition to the minimum admission requirements, your programme of choice may state other additional requirements. Please refer to the relevant programme webpages for full information on the requirements for individual programmes.

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