Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees are subject to revision every academic year.

All fees listed are in Singapore dollars (S$) and are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST), if applicable, unless indicated otherwise. The GST payable is based on the prevailing rate and is subject to changes. The University Council reserves the right to alter fees at any time without prior notice.

An application fee of $21.60 (inclusive of GST) per application is payable for applications into our coursework programmes, effective from January 2012 intake. For research programmes, an application fee of $54 (inclusive of GST) per application will be effective from August 2018 intake.

Fees for each academic year must be paid in advance and within the stipulated periods. Students who fail to pay fees within the stipulated periods will have their names removed from the register of higher degree candidates. A student whose name has been thus removed but who is otherwise eligible to continue his/her candidature will be reinstated only after he/she has settled all outstanding fees and paid a re-registration fee of S$54.

A student who withdraws or leaves the University two or more weeks after the commencement of his/her candidature or the commencement of the semester, is liable to pay the fees due for the semester.

AY 2024-2025 tuition fees are listed in the categories below:

Fees for other programmes will be announced in due course.