Nanyang Venture XII

Nanyang Venture 12
This 12th edition NTU Nanyang Venture urban concept eco-car is designed to be easily accessible for installation and maintenance yet aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamic. Its distinctive bubble canopy provided a highly transparent viewpoint for the driver. The numerous openings are carefully designed to allow every internal system of the car are easily accessible which are worth the additional complexity in the latches and hinges for the covers to the openings. A 1 kW hydrogen fuel cell combine electrolytically the hydrogen stored in a cylinder (the fuel) and atmospheric oxygen to produce electrical power, heat and pure water. During its inaugural competition at the 2022 Shell Eco Marathon competition in Lombok, Indonesia, NV12 came in second place for fuel efficiency and won off-track awards for Vehicle Design and Technical Innovation. According to the judges, they were impressed with the well-crafted and distinctive vehicle design while the Technical Innovation award was won for the clutch which allows both regenerative braking and freewheeling functions to aid in the energy recovery through regenerative braking, both critical to achieving higher energy efficiency.​

Nanyang Venture 12 - Design and Concept Poster

Nanyang Venture 12 - Team Poster