Nanyang Venture V

Nanyang Venture V Team photo


Nanyang venture V is a solar powered car specially designed for 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge. The race was held from 16th to 22nd Oct 2011 in Australia. The Challenge required the team to drive their specially designed solar car from Darwin to Adelaide crossing central Australia across public highway spanning 3000km. Nanyang venture V was the only team from Singapore to participate in the event.

This bi-annual event challenges students to design aerodynamic, efficient, stable, robust, lightweight car that can handle pot-holes, cattle grids and strong crosswinds which they may face over the course of the race.

The Nanyang Venture V was designed and fabricated by a team of 11 students mostly from mechanical engineering under the guidance of Associate Professor Ng Heong Wah

The solar car has a monocoque chassis which is constructed with high performance carbon fibre composite to minimize weight without compromising safety. The construction has a strong occupant protection cell and crumple zones. It uses 6 meter square of high efficiency solar cells to obtain the maximum possible amount of energy from the sun. This energy is used to power the direct drive motor. The reduced weight, aerodynamic shape and, high efficiency solar cells resulted in the fastest solar car NTU has ever developed.

Car Specifications

Nanyang Venture V Solar car


4450mm (length) 1760mm (width) 1000mm (height)




160kg with batteries without driver


Carbon Fibre Composite Monocoque
Single Front drive wheel
Two rear wheels


Double wishbone suspension (front and rear)


14inch Carbon Fibre Wheel from Ghcraft


Balanced dual braking on all 3 wheels, Hand operated parking brake


Approx Cd 0.12

Solar Array

Sunpower C50 Monocrystal Silicon, Lightweight encapsulation


Modified Mitsuba M2096 Direct Drive


Lithium Ion (Panasonic), 21 kg

Cruising Speed


Max speed


Team Members


Assoc Professor Ng Heong WahAssoc Professor Ng Heong Wah
Division of Engineering Mechanics
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Nanyang Venture V team photo holding Singapore flag and NTU flag

Team at Torrens Parade Ground, Adelaide - From Left to Right : Tan Ji Sheng Shaun,
Dang Quoc Bao Sario, Lim Zhen Yi, Khoo Rui Xiang Raymond, Budhaditya Bhattacharya,
Tee Yi Fei, Kunhal Lakhiani, Alvin T’ng Wei Heng, Cher Ruey Shin, Raktim Hazarika,
Devika Shinde

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