Nanyang Venture VII

Nanyang Venture VII car sketches


The aim of this project is to encourage students with a keen interest in vehicles or electro-mobility to develop a deeper understanding in their respective area of expertise as well as apply engineering knowledge from their university studies into the development of the project.

This battery powered vehicle is built specifically for highly urbanised countries such as Singapore. It can accommodate four adults comfortably and still have adequate boot space for any shopping trips. The completed vehicle will serve as a test-bed for future alternative energy sources such as fuel-cells or new battery technology. The project is on schedule to produce a drivable bare-frame vehicle by September 2014.

The research project is supervised by and it is funded by the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N). This project is into its 3rd year with Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students undertaking this project as their Final Year Project (FYP). They are involved in various areas of development such as chassis, vehicle dynamics, drive train, low and high voltage systems, energy storage systems, ergonomics and wireless power charging.

Car Specifications

Nanyang Venture VII car

Dimensions and Weight


3650 mm


1750 mm


1450 mm

Ground Clearance

150 mm

Curb weight

1000 kg

Top speed

110 km/h

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)

16 seconds

Cruising range

60 km

Output power

24 kW
Drivetrain System

Motor type

Brushed DC motor series wound

Battery type

Lithium-iron phosphate/Lithium-ion



Drive wheels





2 + 2
Wheels, Brakes and Steering

Front brakes


Rear brakes


Wheel base

2400 mm

Rims size – front


Rims size – rear


Tire size – front

205/45 r16

Tire size – rear

205/45 r16

Front suspension

Double wishbone

Rear suspension

Double wishbone

Steering type

Rack and pinion (Electronically-assisted)

Team Members


Assoc Professor Ng Heong WahAssoc Professor Ng Heong Wah
Division of Engineering Mechanics
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Nanyang Venture VII team photo

Team - From Left to Right : Chua Bee Em, Low Boon Hwee Alex,
Muhammad Redzuan Bin Sulaiman, Mohamed Syarif Bin Mohamed Ruslan Hadi,
Mohamad Arfian Maricar Bin Mohamed Yusof(behind), Muhammad Hafiz Bin Sazali (in front),
Shaman Suresh, Babu Keval Vipul, Abdul Hafiz Bin Ali Banama