Student in the News

Posted on 13 January 2022

Giving a new meaning to the 'Manicure Service':

Just last December, our NTU MAE Student Lai Zi Iun was featured in Lianhe Zaobao for learning manicure for a good cause - a service for the terminally ill. 

As a volunteer at HCA Hospice Care, Zi Iun was initially puzzled when he was asked to learn manicure as part of aiding the terminally ill beneficiaries. He was later told by a doctor that the nails of the patients can indicate the quality of life and how well they are being taken care of (rephrased).

But the significance of what this meant truly dawned on him in his exchange with a 81 year old beneficiary who told him: In the 81 years of his life no one has ever trimmed or cut his nails for him (rephrased, gender of beneficiary is not stated).

Zi Iun was touched by the words of the beneficiary and felt that what he was doing was beyond just manicure for hygiene reasons, but showing care and concern to the beneficiaries. He shared that while it is important for these terminally ill patients to have a comfortable and safe place to spend their final moments, care and concern should not be absent.

We couldn't agree more with Zi Iun! Surely, every little that we give can go a long way. 

Read this article about our student, Lai Zi Iun on his volunteering work. Reported on Zaobao here.