About Us

The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) boasts comprehensive state-of-the-art facilities with almost 100 faculty members, making it one of the largest mechanical engineering schools in the world. Faculty members are drawn from renowned universities worldwide, providing a wealth of collective expertise in traditional mechanical and aerospace engineering, and in specialities including manufacturing, mechatronics, innovative design, nanotechnology, and biomedical and computational applications.

The school offers two four-year Bachelor degree programmes, in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. These programmes have been developed with the aim of equipping students with a broad engineering foundation as well as bespoke knowledge and skills in relevant modern technologies.

At the graduate level, MAE offers graduate programmes either by coursework or by research in a wide range of fields. The coursework programme comprises nine Master of Science programmes in key engineering disciplines, designed to equip professional engineers with the relevant skill sets needed for the industry. The research programme offers research students an extensive selection of cutting-edge research projects.

In recent years, the school’s research capacity has been greatly increased in line with the intensifying pace of research, and many advanced research and development projects have been undertaken in collaboration with local industries and internationally renowned institutions. The school continues to gain much from these alliances as it builds on its academic excellence.