Student Ambassadors






The Importance of MAEmbassadors
Representative of MAE in outreach events.
- First point of contact
- Promote MAE family
- Support MAE club(s)

To inspire and motivate potential students to pursue their Aspirations in Engineering NTU MAE.

A stellar team to make MAE a bigger faMAEly.

We invigorate and encourage prospective students in embarking their journey with NTU School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

- Representatives of NTU MAE in outreach events
- Ambassador, who will be the most familiar with the information of NTU MAE (Undergraudates Programmes and Labs)
- Bringing positive impression of NTU MAE 

- Interaction of MAE students with external parties (Outreach in-charge from other schools, Alumni, Professors)
- Portray the stories of MAE students and Alumni
- Promote culture of bonding among students and schools 

- To promote MAE to potential students 
- To promote student learning experience in MAE
- MAE Open House
- Hosting of lab tours to MAE
- MAE High Tea
- Coffee Chat events
- Assist in MAE competition for students' participation 

For students who are interested to join the team of MAE Ambassadors please email:

Email: [email protected]