In the first 24 months of your PhD Programme, you will undertake a series of courses within your specialist area. The course load for each term varies according to the requirements set by respective Divisions.  In order to graduate, each student is required to complete an equivalent of 8 full courses (24 academic units).

Ph.D. Programme in Strategy, International Business, and Entrepreneurship

  • BR7374 Seminar in Entrepreneurship
  • BR7373 Organization Theory
  • BR7343 Theoretical Foundations of Organizational Behaviour
  • BR7372 Theoretical Foundations of Strategic Management
  • BR7341 Research Methods
  • BR7348 Foundational and Advanced Topics in Regression Analysis: Applications for the Behavioral
  • BR7347 Longitudinal Research: Theory, Design, and Data Analysis
  • BR8341 Writing for Research & Publication
  • (External Courses)