Why MSc Finance (English & Mandarin)?

Key reasons to embark on an MSc Finance (English & Mandarin)

The MSc Finance Programme Highlights:

  • Global Financial Market Insights and Perspectives
    Students gain global financial market insights and perspectives through the programme and the many opportunities to network with, attend seminars and workshops by industry experts and visiting professors on the purpose of Finance, current financial market trends, and more. Additionally, they will take part in structured Student Industry Field Trips (SIFT) in China and Singapore to expose them to different financial markets and organisations.

  • Robust Educational Resources
    Nanyang Business School (NBS) has a large pool of experienced faculty members who are well regarded for their strong academic qualifications, rigorous teaching expertise and rich industry experience. The school makes the most of the university educational resources and has established close partnerships with top universities like Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Carnegie Mellon University, ESSEC and Waseda University. The school is also supported by the NTU NBS Alumni Association which has established a network of professional resources and continuous learning opportunities for the 50,000-strong international community. 

  • Future Ready and Rigorous​ Curriculum​ 
    The curriculum adopts a unique teaching model, through case studies, financial market simulations, projects using real live data, thought series, and Student Industry Field Trips (SIFT). Students get to connect the dots and gain a solid financial foundation in the face of massive information, diverse points of view, and major world events. 

  • Personal Assessment and Career Development
    Throughout the academic year, the programme office and Graduate Studies Career Development Office (GSCDO) organise a wide range of activities exclusively for MSc Finance students. This enables them to gain invaluable personal awareness and skills to help them make better career and life decisions moving forward. Tapping on the strong alumni network including the senior alumni who are rooted in major financial institutions in China and Singapore, students will have more opportunities to established contacts with industry partners, as well as receiving advice for career development.