MSc Business Analytics

Serving as a bridge between the business and technology functions, business analysts play a critical role in guiding organisations through digital disruption. By analysing and using data to drive digital transformation, they help redefine the customer experience and deliver profitable outcomes. 

The MSc in Business Analytics (MSBA) programme at Nanyang Business School offers a unique curriculum, shaped with leading industry partners to reflect real industry needs.

Cutting-edge modules such as Analytics and Machine Learning in Business provide an understanding of technologies that will impact future businesses. A practical hands-on approach coupled with internships at industry leaders equips our MSBA students to switch from the classroom to workplace with ease.
In collaboration with the School of Computing Science and Engineering and the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), our MSBA programme comprises industry-relevant courses where faculty members impart their vast knowledge to enable you to master the technical aspects of business analytics.

You can complete the MSBA programme in one year on a full-time basis, or two years on a part-time schedule. This allows you the flexibility to choose a schedule that best fits your career needs and pace of learning.

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Why MSc Business Analytics

As organisations integrate digital technologies into their business models, the relevance of business analytics has never been greater. The need for data-driven decision makings requires business analysts to apply the latest skills to analyse data, and draw insights to drive business transformations.

MSBA programme is designed to close the gap between technical and business know-how for more effective use of data in the workplace, whether in the areas of management, accounting, marketing, finance, communications, or administration. 

Our aim is to prepare you for a future of data-driven decision-making with a cutting-edge programme driven by the following cornerstones:

Strong Industry Connections And Engagement

Our MSBA enjoys wide support from within the industry, with many of our leading partners shaping our curriculum to reflect the industry today. Our partners also offer our students project and internship opportunities, greatly increasing your chances of securing employment after graduation.

Developed With Future-Focused Content

Our MSBA’s first-of-its-kind curriculum features cutting-edge modules such as Analytics and Machine Learning in Business, providing you with an understanding of technologies that will impact businesses in the future.

Applied Learning

​Using real world data provided by industry partners, our MSBA imparts knowledge to you through a full hands-on approach. This grounds you in in the realities of the industry and enables you to switch from classroom to workplace more effectively and quickly.

Enhanced By NTU's Established Strengths

Our industry-relevant MSBA programme is developed in collaboration with two schools at Nanyang Technological University — the School of Computing Science and Engineering and the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. While tapping into both schools’ vast knowledge and expertise, it enables you to fully master the technical aspects of data analytics.

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