Master of Science (MSc) in Business Analytics


Serving as a bridge between the business and technology functions, business analysts play a critical role in guiding businesses through today’s environment of digital disruption, analysing and utilising data to drive digital transformation, redefine the customer experience and deliver profitable outcomes.

The MSc in Business Analytics (MSBA) programme offers a unique curriculum shaped through engagement with leading industry partners to reflect real industry needs. Cutting-edge modules such as Analytics and Machine Learning in Business provide an understanding of technologies that will impact business environments in the future. A practical hands-on approach coupled with internship opportunities with industry leaders equips MSBA students to switch from classroom to workplace with ease.

In collaboration with NTU’s SCSE (School of Computing Science and Engineering) and SPMS (School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), MSBA developed industry-relevant courses where faculty members from both schools impart their vast knowledge to our students to enable mastery of the technical aspects of analytics.

The programme can be completed on a full time (1 year) or on a part-time (1.5 years to 2 years) schedule. This allows participant a flexibility to choose a schedule that best fits their career needs and pace of learning.