Master of Science (MSc) in Financial Engineering

A unique graduate programme, the Master of Science (MSc) in Financial Engineering (MFE) at Nanyang Business School empowers you to succeed as a dynamic professional in the world of high technology finance. ​

Learn from world class faculty and industry seasoned professionals how to im​plement solutions in areas such as risk management, product structuring, quantitative trading, quantitative research, and financial information technology. And stay ahead of industry developments in this multi-disciplinary programme that is also offered in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

This one-year programme is rigorous and intense. It is designed for those with a strong drive and focus to penetrate the top tiers of the finance industry. The curriculum emphasises teamwork and communication in real-life corporate settings, seamlessly integrating current financial theory and computational methods with practical knowledge.

You will get opportunities to learn from experts from a diversity of disciplines, spanning finance, computing, and mathematics. Close interaction with both faculty and industry professionals will enable you to amalgamate real-life experience with academic research to enrich your understanding of today’s financial world.

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