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The Nanyang Professional MBA at Nanyang Business School is uniquely designed for mid-career professionals with domain expertise who are looking to elevate their skills and knowledge to become T-shaped leaders. 

Our curriculum has been carefully curated to transform skilled specialists into learned leaders, offering invaluable collaborative learning within a cohort of highly talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who share common growth ambitions.

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Why Nanyang Professional MBA

​​​​Developing Tech-Savvy T-Shaped Leaders

Our comprehensive broad-based curriculum will add to your in-depth experience and expertise.

It will enable you to: 

  • Gain strategic insights into multiple facets of business through various modules, such as accounting, finance, and emerging markets
  • Develop critical leadership skills, preparing you for senior management responsibilities.

You will also get to examine the power of technology as a business tool, and build skills and strategies that will enable you to take the lead in driving digital transformation in the workplace.

Real-World Relevance And Industry-Focused

We combine lectures with case studies, study trips, hands-on industry projects, and simulations.

It will enable you to:

  • Develop and implement ideas that challenge the status quo
  •  Create more value within your organisation.

 This is reinforced by an environment that facilitates multi-directional learning.

As well as our faculty, you will also learn from your peers, with their diverse industry experience, and, on selected modules, C-level executives, with their extensive industry expertise.

Maximum Convenience, Minimal Downtime

Most part-time MBA programmes require participants to choose between study, family, and work.

It will enable you to:  

  • Have the best of all worlds with a unique 18-month accelerated schedule and weekend classes (conducted on Saturdays and Sundays), twice a month. 
  • Deeply immerse yourself in classes without out-of-office days or leave.

Classes are delivered in NTU dual campus that makes attending classes as convenient as it is enriching.



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