Course Contents

Course CodeCourse Title​Pre-Requisite
DF2000Digital Film Production INil
DF2001Film EditingNil
DF2002 (DF8000)Survey of Experimental FilmmakingNil
DF2003Cinematography INil
DF2004 (DF8001)Sound in MediaNil
DF2005Writing For FilmNil
DF2006Ethnographic FilmNil (prior knowledge in Film studies is preferred)
DF2007 (DF9001)The Art of LightingNil
DF2009History of World CinemaNil
DF2011Sound for FilmNil
DF2012Advanced ScreenwritingDF2005 or HZ9205 or CS4024
DF2013Film Music in Theory and PracticeNil
DF3001Cinematography for Visual EffectsDF2003
DF3004Digital Film Production IIDF2001, DF2003, DF2011
DF3005Audio Post Production for FilmDF2011 / DF3008
DF3010Experimental Film ProductionNil
DF3011Advanced Directing for FilmDF3012 / DF3009
DF3012Film DirectingDF2000 and DF2005
DF3013Sustainable Producing for Film and MediaDF2000
DF3014Creative Producing for Film and MediaStudy Year 3 & above
DF5000 (DF2008)Issues in Film PracticeNil
DF5001 (DF3002)Documentary FilmmakingNil
DF5002 (DF3006)Cinematography IIDF2003
Course CodeCourse Title​Pre-Requisite
DN1001Foundation DrawingNil
DN1002Foundation 2DNil
DN1003Foundation 3DNil
DN1004Foundation 4DNil
DN1009Graphic FormNil
DN1010Experimental InteractionNil
DN1011Form and VisualizationNil
DN1013Concept of Digital ImagingNil
DN1016Visual StorytellingNil
DN1017Media Art and RepresentationNil
Course CodeCourse Title​Pre-Requisite
DM2008Programming For InteractionNil
DT2007History and Culture of Animation, VFX and GameNil
DT2018Animation for Games INil
DT2019Animation for Games IIDT2018
DT2020Game Design INil
DT2021Game Assets DesignNil
DT3008Research and Visual DevelopmentDT2000 / DT2001 / DT2009
DT3014Game Design IIDT2020
DT3016Game JamDT2018 / DT3014
DT3017Game SeminarDT2018 / DT3014


Course CodeCourse Title​Pre-Requisite
DM2000Interactive INil
DM2002Sound ArtNil
DM2006Narratives for InteractionNil
DM2007Interactive IIDM2000
DM2008Programming For InteractionNil
DM2009Performance and InteractionNil
DM2011Issues in Interactive Media PracticeNil
DM2012Explorations in A.I. Generated ArtNil
DM3008Generative ArtNil
DM3009Audio-Visual Creative CodingDM2008
DM3010Project Development and PlanningStudy Year 3 & above
DM3013Interactive SpacesDM2007
DM3014Interactive DevicesDM2007
DM3015Interactive EnvironmentsDM3013
DM5000 (DM3002)Creative RoboticsNil
DM5001 (DM8001)Web DesignNil


Course CodeCourse Title​Pre-Requisite
DA1000Thinking and Communicating Visually INil
DA2002Thinking and Communicating Visually IIDA1000
DA2004 (DA9009)Exhibition DesignNil
DA3000Thinking and Communicating Visually IIIDA1000
DA5000 (DA2000)Applied DrawingNil
DA5001 (DA2001)PaintingNil
DA5002 (DA2003)Watermedia Landscape PaintingNil
DA5003 (DA9011)Kinetic Anatomy: Dynamic Figure Drawing for Artists and DesignersNil
DA5004 (DA9012)Design, Art and Animation for Media Architecture (Media Art Nexus)Nil
DA5005 (DA9013)


Compositional Study – Shapes, Space and Color (Drawing and Sketching for Design, Compositional Study and Space Construction)


DA5006 (DA9014)Handbuilding with Clay: Form and SurfaceNil
DA5007 (DN1014)Drawing for AnimationNil
DA5008 Incubating Ideas: Image Making and Storytelling *NEWNil
DA5010Figure Sculpture in Clay *NEWNil
DD0000Writing Narratives for Creative MediaNil
DD0003 Information VisualizationNil
Introduction to the Histories of Art I: Western Art HistoryNil
DD1004Introduction to the Histories of Art II: Asian Art HistoryDD1003
Introduction to the Histories of Southeast Asian ArtDD1003
DD2013 (DD8010)Visualization of Cultural HeritageNil
DD3027 (DD9010)Maritime Silk Roads: Heritage and MediaNil
DD3012Research Methods in Art and DesignNil
DD3016History of DesignNil
DD3021Professional AttachmentMust have achieved at least 72 AUs and Year 3 standing
DD4003Final Year Project - Media ArtDT3008 / DF3004 / DP3011 / DP4001 / Upon Approval
DD4004Final Year Project - Design ArtDM3010 / DR3005 / DV3008 / Upon Approval
DD4005Interdisciplinary Seminar (Media Art)Study Year 4
DD4006Interdisciplinary Seminar (Design Art)Study Year 4
DD5008 (DD9007)Independent StudyNil
DD5009 (DD9009)Design ThinkingNil
Course CodeCourse Title​Pre-Requisite
DP2001Digital PhotographyNil
DP2002History of PhotographyNil
DP2005Photography: Colour and ContextDN1012 or DP2000 or DP2001
DP2006Principles of LightingDP2000 or DN1012
DP2008Experimental PhotographyNil
DP2011Photography: Light and LocationDP2006
DP2012 (DP5001)Art & Ecology WorkshopNil
DP3000Photographic Media and PresentationDN1012 or DP2000 or DP2001
DP3001Transformative Identities in Fashion MediaDP2005 or DP2006
DP3003Socially Engaged PhotographyNil
DP3008Location Experiences in PhotographyDN1012 or DP2000 or DP2001
DP3010Moving Image for Media ArtistsDN1012 or DP2000 or DP2001
DP3011Documentary PracticesDN1012 or DP2000 or DP2001
DP4001Extended PhotographyDP2001 and DP2005
DP5000 (DP2000)Black and White Film PhotographyNil

Course CodeCourse Title​Pre-Requisite
DV2000Typography INil
DV2001Visual Communication INil
DV2002Illustration for DesignersNil
DV2003 (DV8001)Beyond the logo: Introduction to brandingNil
DV2004Typography IIDV2000
DV2005Visual Communication IIDV2001
DV2006Designed ExperiencesNil
DV2007Issues in Visual Communication PracticeDV2004 and DV3010
DV2008Interface DesignNil
DV2012Digital Visual CommunicationDV2004 and DV2005
DV3002Editorial DesignDV2004 & DV2005
DV3003Spatial DesignNil
DV3005Creative Brand DesignDV2004 and DV3010
DV3008Visual Communication IVDV3010
DV3010Visual Communication IIIDV2005
DV3011Typography IIIDV2004
DV3012Production for Graphic DesignersDV3010
DV5001 (DV2009)Design in MotionNil
DV5002 (DV2010)Packaging DesignNil
DV5003 (DV2011)Pattern, Art, Design and ArchitectureNil
DV5004 (DV9001)Art, Design and ScienceNil
DV5005 (DV9002)
Graphic Communication


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