ADM Internship

ADM students will undergo a compulsory 10 weeks professional internship at the end of their third year.

This 10-week Professional Internship is a core course for all ADM undergraduate students in Year 3. The purpose of this internship is to give students the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills they have learned in the university in an authentic work environment. Students will gain relevant exposure and develop practical industry experiences and skills that will enhance employability and inform future career decisions. This internship will provide valuable industry experience to support academic learning.

The internship commitment period will run from May – July during the school break in year 3, second semester. The exact starting date varies from year to year but is typically around mid May (week 17).

For more information on the internship timeframe, application deadlines, company participation, overseas internship and other FAQ, please visit below ADM internship info site:

Assessment and Supervision

  • Each student will be supervised by an ADM faculty, over and above the organization supervisor
  • The ADM internship programme is a "passed/failed" subject and no letter grade will be awarded and not counted towards your CGPA. 
  • Students will be assess on the following:
    - 3 online E-journals assessment by ADM faculty (submitted on week 3, 6 and 10)
    - A mid-attachment review assessment by organization supervisor and ADM faculty
    - Assessment of Work in organization by organization supervisor

Leave during Internship

In general, leave will not be granted for vacation, religious camps, summer internship, work and travel. If student applies for any leave of absence and is approved, be prepared to extend internship to cover leave of absence. Leave application form is to be sent to Career and Attachment Office (CAO) for processing, CAO will consult organization for decision.

Important Notes

Do not enter any kind of agreement and contract with organization, unless you are very sure that there will not be any conflict of interest; if unsure, check with Career and Attachment Office (CAO).

Please do not re-negotiate allowance but you may accept any increase or bonus given to you. You may be asked to sign non-disclosure if the work is confidential.

Briefing and Enquiries

There will be a briefing for ADM Year 3 students when students will be notified through their NTU email. For enquires on Internship, please email or contact:


Mr Jeffrey Hong
Senior Lecturer
ADM Faculty Internship coordinator
Email: [email protected]

Career & Attachment Office
Nanyang Technological University
South Spine, SS3-B2-15, 50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798

For general internship advisement and inquiries.
[email protected]