Class Schedules

Please refer to the Class Schedules below which give you the times and location of all courses offered in ADM.

Changes to schedule

DN1010 Experimental Interaction G04 – Change of venue to ART-02-17

Changes to schedule

29th Jan

DR3002 Computer Aided Design II 
– Class is cancelled

DT2010 Digital Compositing  – Change of Course instructor to Assoc/Prof Benjamin Seide

DT3011 Visual Effects II – Class is cancelled



DM2008 Programming for Interaction G01  – Class is cancelled

DF2006 Ethnographic Film – Change of Eligibility to NTU

DF5001 Documentary Filmmaking - Change of Eligibility to ADM/CoHASS/NTU (Students taking Minor in Film)

DF5002 Cinematography II -  Change of Eligibility to ADM/CoHASS