Class Schedules

Please refer to the Class Schedules below which give you the times and location of all courses offered in ADM.



In response to the Covid-19 situation, there may be changes to the mode of delivery of ADM classes (ONLINE or IN-PERSON), do check and re-print your weekly timetable before attending classes.


Any other changes, after classes have commenced in January 2022, will be conveyed to you directly by your course instructors.    


Thank you​


13th January 2022

DN1009 Graphic Form G04 – Class is cancelled


DN1010 Form and Visualization G03 – Class is cancelled


DN1011 Concept of Digital Imaging G04 – Class is cancelled


DN1016 Visual Story Telling G05 – Class is cancelled


DN1017 Media Art and Representation G05 – Class is cancelled


27th November 2021

DN1010 Experimental Interaction G02, G04, G05 – Update of Course Instructor to Yeo Ker Siang (PT)


21st January 2022

DD4008 From Colonialism to Tourism: Early Photography in Asia LE – Class is cancelled


DR2000 Conceptual Design G01 – Class is cancelled


DR2001 Product Design I G01 – Class is cancelled


DR2002 Issues in Product Design Practice (Generative Design) G01 – Class is cancelled


DF2009 History of World Cinema LE – Class venue is changed to ART-B1-2A


DF2012 Advanced Screenwriting G01 – Class is cancelled


DR5004 Design and System Thinking G01 - Update of course instructors to Peer Sathikh / Andy Khong / Jeffrey Hong




13th January 2022


DD2011 Contemporary South-East Asian Art  – Update of Course Instructor


DR5004 Design and Systems Thinking – Pre-requisite removed 


DV2004 Typography II G03 – Change of venue to ART-02-02b


DV5002 Packaging Design – Change of venue to ART-02-23b



30th December 2021


DT3015 Advanced Stop Motion – Open to all NTU students and pre-req can be waived.


DT5004 (DT2013) Fundamentals Of Immersive 360˚ and VR Experiences – Open to all NTU students


DP3010 Moving Image for Media Artists – Class is cancelled



17th December 2021


DR2008 User Experience in Design – Scheduled on Tuesdays, 1330 – 1620 by Asst Prof Veronica Ranner


DT2016 3D Character Animation G02 – Scheduled on Wednesdays, 1930 – 2220 at ART-B1-5F) / ART-B1-5C *New Class


DA5005 Drawing & Sketching For Design – Scheduled on Wednesdays, 1730 – 2020 at ART-02-29 *New Class



9th December 2021


DF2003 Cinematography  I – Scheduled on Thursdays, 0930 – 1220 at ART-1-19 *New Class


DF2007 (DF9001) The Art of Lighting – Class is cancelled


DP2008 Experimental Photography G02 – Class is cancelled


DV3012 Editorial Design -  Change of venue to ART-01-02


DV5001 (DV2001) Design in Motion – Update of Schedule to Tuesdays, 1930 – 2220 at ART-02-2b


DV2008 Surface Design – Scheduled on Tuesdays, 0930 – 1220 at S2.2-B4-04 *New Class


30th November 2021


DF2005 Writing For Film – Change of Venue to LHN-TR+08

DF3014 Creative Producing for Film and Media – Change of Venue to LHN-TR+16

27th November 2021


DR2004 Product Design II – Class is scheduled on Fridays, 0930 – 1220.


DR5004 Design and System Thinking – Mondays 0930 – 1220 at Product Design Studio (ART-B1-17A &17B) *New


DV5001 Design in Motion – Class is open to ADM students.


DD0003 Information Visualization G01 to G04 – Is one of the replacement course for HD0101 (taken as GER-CORE by students admitted in AY2018-2020).