Selection Of Major

At the end of Semester 1, all Year 1 students of School of Art, Design and Media will select their preferred Area of Major they wish to pursue from Year 2 onwards. Students will indicate their choices through the Student Intranet. Students will receive an email informing them about the selection of Major.

All Year One students of School of Art, Design & Media must indicate their choice of Major through the Student Intranet during the selection exercise in November/December. Students will be notified via email on the exact details.

Students who fail to indicate their choice of Major will be allocated a place in the any of the two Majors where there are vacancies. Students will not be able to make their choices after the selection exercise is over.
  • Allocation of Major will take into consideration the final marks for the following Year One Art, Design and Media courses:

    - DN1001 Foundation Drawing
    - DN1002 Foundation 2D
    - DN1003 Foundation 3D
    - DN1004 Foundation 4D

    Please note that the Freshmen Year GPA Exemption does not apply to the allocation of Major.

  • Allocation is based on matching the student's grades in the four courses, the student's choice of Major and the vacancies available in each Major.

    The allocation procedures are as follows:

    (a) Students will first be considered for the allocation of their first choice. If unsuccessful, students will be allocated for their second choice.

    (b) If students are not allocated their first choice, it means that their score falls below that of the lowest-ranked person allocated a place in that Major.

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The outcome of students’ selection of Major will be released before the registration of courses for Semester 2. 

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Students who wish to appeal for a change of Major in the Art, Design & Media Degree Programme must do so by the first week of January. Please enquire at the School General Office about procedures for appeals and dates for release of appeal outcome.