As a leading research-intensive university, NTU acknowledges the need and responsibility to respond to environmental, social, and economic challenges.

NTU has built its strengths in sustainability over the years through a wide range of offerings  and achievements in education, research, technological innovation, artistic creativity and service to society. To build on this momentum to do our part for the environment, the University has a 15-year manifesto that will guide its actions and solidify its reputation as one of the global leaders in sustainability.

 The unifying theme of the manifesto is NTU’s belief that its efforts towards sustainability begin on campus, and its actions must match its words. To that end, the University aims to:

  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2035;
  • Achieve 100% Green Mark Platinum certification for all eligible buildings on the main NTU campus;
  • Reduce by 50 per cent NTU’s net energy utilisation, and waste generation, by March 2026, compared to the baseline levels of 2011.

Learn about our sustainability efforts by clicking through each of our strategic research domains below.

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