2024 Campus Sustainability Grant Call 


Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is launching an internal grant call to test-bed innovative and near-commercialization solutions that address environmental challenges related to energy, water, and waste. This grant call will support the field-testing of these solutions, which can be scaled across campus and potentially beyond. This initiative will not only advance NTU's sustainability goals but also contribute to the development of solutions with broader industry applications.

We anticipate funding two to three projects, with each grant up to $500,000, for a maximum duration of 12 months


Applications are welcome from full-time faculty members of NTU. A small project team can be formed, including other faculty members from the same or different Schools, research staff, or students. 

Challenge Statements

Each Challenge Statement below details the specific challenge NTU faces in a particular area of sustainability, such as water conservation or energy efficiency. 

We seek innovative solutions and strategies to minimize waste generation at its source within buildings on NTU campus
ACMV systems are a major source of energy consumption in NTU buildings. We seek innovative solutions, such as real-time automated optimization of ACMV systems, to reduce energy usage.

We seek innovative solutions that push the boundary of energy harvesting and energy optimisation. Proposal should address either harvesting untapped energy sources or optimising energy use at systems level.

To conserve water, we seek sustainable irrigation solutions for landscaping across campus, aiming to reduce the frequency and volume of potable water used for watering plants in planter boxes within buildings.
Encouraging user behavior change and fostering a long-term sustainability orientation within the NTU community are key challenges. We seek hardware, software, or combined solutions with data analytics or AI capabilities to cultivate resource-conscious behaviors and reduce carbon emissions.
We seek innovative solutions to mitigate the UHI effect on campus, aiming to enhance comfort, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall environmental quality.

Industry Collaboration

While not mandatory, this grant call welcomes proposals that involve collaboration with an industry partner.  Proposals with strong industry partnerships will be considered advantageous during the evaluation process.

Apply Now

Please contact [email protected] to obtain the application form and for any queries. Application forms must be submitted to [email protected] by 31 July 2024.