To SSS Freshmen! Welcome to the School of Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University (SSS@NTU)!

Dive into the world of Social Sciences through a wide array of choices and flexible options. We invite you to seize every opportunity during the Transition and Orientation Programme (SSS TOP 2023) & FreshmenWelcome@SSS to explore the exciting programs we have prepared for you. Stay connected with us through our social media platforms as well.

If you know which clan you belong to, click on the below programme to be on track with what awaits you from the 5th to the 8th of August!





CoHASS Online Briefing for Double Major Freshmen (Online)

9.00am - 10.00amOrientation Briefing for Double Major Freshmen (Online)

FreshmenWelcome@SSS Programme

1.00pm - 2.00pmRegistration & Engagement with SSS Student Club over lunchOutside LT 27
2.00pm - 2.10pmWelcome Speech by ChairLT 27
2.10pm - 2.30pmUndergraduate Academic Talk by Assoc Chair (Academic)LT 27
2.20pm - 2.50pmStudent Life@SSS Talk by Assoc Chair (Students)LT 27
 Student Wellbeing by Ms KayathriLT 27
2.50pm - 3.00pmWelcome by SSS Club PresidentLT 27
3.00pm - 3.10pmIntroduction to SSS Student Ambassador ProgrammeLT 27


Academic Programme Talks

3.10pm - 4.15pm

Economics Programme Talk

  • Economics & Media Analytics (ECMA)
  • Economics & Business Integrated Second Major (ECBU)
  • Economics & Public Policy and Global Affairs (ECPP) 
  • Economics & Psychology (ECPS) 
    students are welcome to join this talk.
LT 13
3.10pm - 4.15pmEconomics and Data Science Programme TalkLT 14
3.10pm - 4.15pmSociology Programme TalkLT 15
3.10pm - 4.15pm

Public Policy and Global Affairs Programme Talk

  • Public Policy and Global Affairs & Media & Journalism (PPMJ) 
  • Economics & Public Policy and Global Affairs (ECPP) 
    students are welcome to join this talk.
LT 17
3.10pm - 4.15pm

Psychology Programme Talk

  • Psychology with 2nd major in Biological Science (PSBS) 
  • Psychology & Media Analytics (PSMA) 
  • Economics & Psychology (ECPS) 
    students are welcome to join this talk.
LT 27
(students are expected to remain in LT 27 after the school main talks)

Mentor Meets Mentee

TimeDescription of activity
After the Programme talksMentor Meets Mentee Sessions & Distribution of Matric Cards
(Please remain in the LTs for further instruction to be provided)


Co-Curricular Learning Core (CCL-Core) modules

The purpose of the 3 Co-curricular Learning (CCL) -Core modules is to serve as a first step to help ALL students transit smoothly to University life. Completing the modules is integral for freshmen to better prepare for, adjust to, and navigate University Life.

Do note that if the freshmen do not complete all 3 modules by the end of Semester 1 (November 2023), their examination results may be withheld.

Students may access the modules by logging into NTULearn to search for the courses listed below.

3 Co-Curricular Learning Core (CCL-Core) modules

  • [23S1_SLAC01] Fostering a Community of Respect (UG)
  • [23S1_SLAC02] Foundational Leadership
  • [23S1_SLAC03] Academic Integrity (3 parts)

Each module will take approximately 1 hour (max. 1.5 hours) to complete. 

GEM VEnturer (Virtual Education)

Click here if you wish to find out more about GEM VEnturer!

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