Graduation Project/FYP

The Graduation Project/FYP is undertaken during a student’s final year. Students who successfully pass the Graduation Project/FYP will be awarded 8 AUs. Students who are planning to go for exchange are not allowed to register for Graduation Project/FYP.
The objective of the Graduation Project/FYP is to expose students to the elements that are inherent in independent research work in psychology. With the guidance of an advisor, the student will learn to identify a research issue in an area of psychology, conduct empirical, meta-analytical (use of secondary data), or library research, and write up a research report of about 9,000 to 10,000 words.
Before beginning, the Graduation Project/FYP students should have their project approved by the relevant Ethical Committee.  Please find information regarding the Psychology Programme Ethical Committee here

The Programme's Graduation Project/FYP Coordinator is Assoc Prof Michael Gumert (​).

The Opt-in Graduation Project/FYP system will apply to students admitted in AY2013-14 and onwards. 
To obtain a Honours (Highest Distinction) or Honours (Distinction) degree, students must read and complete their Graduation Project/FYP. Graduation Project/FYP is thus compulsory for students with CGPA of 3.90 and above. Students with CGPA within the holding band of 3.75 to 3.89 will be allowed to opt-in to do Graduation Project/FYP at the discretion of the Programme. 
Students below the required CGPA of 3.75 will not be allowed to complete Graduation Project/FYP but must read two 4000-level courses to fulfill the 8 AUs requirement. 
The Opt-out Graduation Project/FYP system applies to students admitted before AY2013-14.
Graduation Project/FYP is compulsory for students who are potentially in line for a Honours (Highest Distinction) or Honours (Distinction) standing, based on their CGPA at the end of their 3rd Year of Study – i.e. CGPA of 3.75 and above. However, it will be made optional for students with a CGPA of 3.75 and below.

Please refer to your respective HP4099 NTUlearn course site for detail.

lease submit the softcopy of  your Graduation Project/FYP to DR-NTU by the following date:

January 2019 batch:  from 9 December 2019 to 16 December 2019

August 2019 batch:  from 26 May 2020 to 1 June 2020​​​​​