CN Yang Scholars Programme

The CN Yang Scholars Programme is one of the premier undergraduate programmes for science and engineering students. The programme is specially designed for exceptional students with a deep passion in science and engineering for the high-technology world of the 21st century. The programme provides a strong and broad foundation in the basics of science, mathematics and engineering so as to empower the students to delve deeper into any discipline in science and engineering. Students are given unique opportunities to broaden their experience by being engaged in cutting edge research within NTU as well as reputable overseas universities. At the end of their undergraduate studies, CNYSP graduates are also given an option to pursue postgraduate studies (PhD) with a scholarship.

Erickson Tjoa

The CNYSP has a strong emphasis for research which provides a highly flexible, relevant and transferable set of skills for scientific and non-scientific careers alike. CNYSP also gave me an invaluable opportunity, along with these skills, to even do research overseas on gravitational physics, a subject not pursued in NTU!

Erickson Tjoa, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Meridian Junior College Alumni